Everyday poop bag for dogs

When I go to the grocery store, I always bring my own canvas bag to put the groceries in so I don't create more garbage by asking for a shopping bag. However, this doesn't solve the problem of the fruits, vegetables and meats that are placed in separate smaller plastic bags when you purchase them.

Don't throw these bags away though. They can always be reused for things like trash, kitchen scraps or, in my case, picking up my dog's waste when we go out for walks.

I also make a habit of not throwing away any used tissues and napkins that aren't too soiled. These also come in handy for reuse when I handle my dog's poop to put into the bags.

This means I have never had to spend money on doggy bags, and the small plastic bags I collect don't go waste.

This post first appeared in my other blog, Salubrious Exclamation.

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